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This is my family!  We live in Miami, so life can be hectic here.  One of the best things to come out of being quarantined in a pandemic is to spend precious time with them.  As a result, we have driven each other crazy, lol, but ultimately gotten closer too, and I am so grateful for that.  They are my motivation for all I do!  

I know that it is important to teach my girls to be financially independent.  For many years I worked outside of the home in pharmaceutical and medical sales.  My professional lifestyle began to slowly chip away at my personal life. I did not have balance. I then decided to become a stay at home mom, but I knew something was missing.  It is so imperative as a woman to know that you ultimately do not need to depend on anyone else financially.  Am I quite there yet?  No - My husband is our provider and he is an amazing one at that.  But, I am teaching a valuable lesson here.  Keep working at your dreams and moving forward.  When you believe in what you're doing and find purpose with your profession, it WILL grow, along with so many more surprises in your life!

Much love -